The Palace of our Lady of Guadalupe now house of the Regional Museum of Nuevo Leon was  built at the final of the colonial era by the franciscan frier Rafael  José Verger, second bishop of the diocese of Linares as a restless home and prayer granted by the city of Monterrey in 1787.

This building known as the bishop´s palace is of great historical and architectural . The first restoration began in 1946 and in 1956 it opens as a museum. In 1998 were created the corridors and arcades of the fachade and decorum inside the dome of the chapel.

After  the bishop´s death and from the Independence period, the building was used as fortress having a leading role during the american invation (1846), the french invation (1864), La Revuelta de la Noria  (1871) and  the mexican revolution (1913-1914). The building suffered some modifications and it was also used as a lazarette during the years epidemics from 1898 and 1903 and as a night club in 1920.

It features larges dimensions, the strenght and height of the walls, the size of its main facade is baroque stipe, the grandeur of the dome it was finished probably between the years 1853 and 1857. The building is made of ashlar Stone,  typical material región and is one of few examples  of colonial architecture that are still preserved in the north part of México.

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